SMTrack Identified “Scandalmongers”; Will Sue Culprit for RM100 million with Proceeds Going to Help Flood Victims


Kuala Lumpur, 15 February 2022 – SMTrack Berhad (“SMTrack”) has identified parties and individuals responsible for the baseless accusations against the Company with the implementation of RFID projects at toll plazas.

SMTrack Berhad Deputy Executive Chairman En Azmi bin Osman, said: “On the advice of our lawyers – The Law Chambers of Fauzi & Nasser, we have sent a Notice of Demand, Apology, Cease and Desist and Intimation of Legal Proceedings to the individuals responsible.”

The notice demanded a sum of RM100 million to be paid of the individuals to SMTrack as compensation for the damages and losses that were caused to the Company. Besides that, the individuals shall deliver a public apology to SMTrack, and withdraw all the defamatory statements.

According to En Azmi, the monetary compensation awarded by the court on this legal suit will be channeled into a charity that helps the flood victims.

“We hope the public will support of action as this is important to help rebuild the nation. We also believe that the donation will be a gesture of good faith on our end,” En Azmi said.