5 Little Known Facts about Safwan; The Broadcast Journalist Whose Stand Uppers Went Viral – TWICE!

Safwan Safi

Boasting 7 years of experience in Sri Pentas, Media Prima as TV3’s broadcast journalist – Safwan Sawi had both of his video stand uppers of the recently built Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations go viral with approximately 214, 091 views, 1, 252 shares and 343 comments on Facebook in a span of just 3 weeks!

In the world of television broadcast especially here in Malaysia, newscasters often take on a sober attitude when reporting the news. Safwan broke the cycle when his unconventional news coverage of Phase 2 of the MRT project gained huge traction with netizens and television viewers alike when it went live and on-air during prime time TV.

In the video, Safwan is seen wearing over-the top clothing and accessories while sporting hip shades and walking around the station’s foyer – taking in the humming atmosphere and hustle bustle of metropolitan life. Perhaps what’s even more eye-catching is his wrap up scene at the end of the video where he is seen sashaying down the car park spilling bite sized information about MRT’s launching whilst throwing his accessories to the side one by one; in full, uninhibited swag.

Amused by his antics, Newstream Asia had the recent opportunity of meeting up with the young and talented Safwan to get to know him better and dig a little deeper into his background, interests and passions. As a result, we’ve compiled 5 little-known facts about Safwan Sawi: the man who took the local broadcast industry by storm with his hilariously entertaining and whimsical stand uppers!

Fact #1 Safwan is a proud Bornean!

Part Dusun and part Kedayan, Safwan is seen pictured here wearing the traditional Dusun costume.

Safwan was born and raised in the Land Below the Wind. Growing up in a household of 6 siblings, becoming a broadcast journalist was a concept that was foreign to him and his family at that particular moment in time. Safwan’s father, a government servant in Malaysian customs, together with his mother – a housewife and former kindergarten teacher, had wanted him to follow in their footsteps and join the civil service. Unbeknownst to both Safwan and his family, the future held a different pathway for him.

Fact #2 Dreams of becoming a pilot

Believe it or not, Safwan once harboured dreams of becoming a pilot. Journalism was never his intended path. So, what stopped him from achieving his ambition? Safwan rued that academic circumstances proved a barrier. This meant that Safwan had to choose other career alternatives. Eventually, he chose to study communications at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. And the rest, as they say, is history!

He may not have had the chance to fulfill his dreams of becoming a pilot but thanks to journalism, Safwan finally got a taste of what it feels like. Pictured here is one handsome looking Safwan in full pilot regalia for a special report assignment.

Fact #3 Safwan was once a radio DJ as a kid!

We were certainly caught off guard when Safwan told us that he grew up keeping radio listeners entertained and informed since the age of TEN! Imagine that! At a period of time when most kids would be busy with video games, riding bikes and scooters, Safwan was on air – keeping the good folks at Labuan company. He tells us that being a part time DJ had helped him polish his speaking skills and embellished his flair for broadcasting – although at times, he confesses rather cheekily that he gets carried away by being a bit too casual and easygoing in his style of reporting, a result of his formative years spent disc jockeying.

Photo of a young Safwan working as a DJ at Labuan FM. Image Source: GINGKITA.COM

Fact #4 Safwan has “Moves like Jagger”

Safwan is currently taking up hip hop lessons as a hobby. When Safwan playfully “moonwalked” during the video shoot, he never once intended for it to be televised. To his horror, his visual editor sneakily inserted the clip into the televised broadcast and the entire thing skyrocketed from there! Check out the video below!

Fact #5 Aspires to be a television host in the future 

Picture of Safwan interviewing Hatta Dolmat – famed Malaysian fashion designer.

Watch out Richard Quest, Safwan has dreams of becoming a television talk show host in the future! Jokes aside, the ambitious young journalist tells us that he recognizes the dire need to amplify how information is being presented to the younger generation, especially millennials. Safwan reveals that given the technological advancements that have taken over our lives, there is bound to be loads of distractions affecting the young minds. To curb this problem, Safwan claims youths need to get excited over reading and watching the news, something so vital yet is often regarded as “boring” and “serious” to them. He is of the firm belief that in order to capture the younger audience’s attention and educate them in the process, journalists should resort to more entertaining tactics in ensuring Gen Y and Gen Z viewer engagement.

Indeed, action speaks louder than words and it is apparent that Safwan is on a one man mission to journalistic greatness. We wish him all the success in the world and look forward to witnessing more exciting content from him in days to come!