UEM Edgenta Recognised by Malaysia Book of Records for Rapid Construction of Field Hybrid Intensive Care Unit During COVID-19 Pandemic


KUALA LUMPUR, 22 September – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management & Infrastructure Solutions company, continues to garner recognition for its exceptional contributions in the healthcare solutions sector. In yet another demonstration of excellence, the Company’s subsidiary, Edgenta Healthtronics Sdn Bhd (“EHSB”), recently bagged the award for “FASTEST CONSTRUCTION OF FHyICU BUILDING DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC” by the Malaysia Book of Records (“MBOR”). The first of its kind in Malaysia, the state-of-the-art 150-bedded Field Hybrid Intensive Care Unit (“FHyICU”) built across selected government hospitals in Malaysia stands as a testament to UEM Edgenta’s unwavering commitment to innovation and exceptional project execution in the face of challenging circumstances.

The inception of FHyICU was mooted by the then Minister of Health and his Secretary-General as a response to the escalating COVID-19 infections in 2020. Driven by a determination to effectively address this crisis, the Ministry of Health (“MOH”) sought to embark on a strategic partnership with a competent private enterprise capable in elevating healthcare infrastructure and fortifying the nation’s health capacity. 

Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah

“As a homegrown enterprise, UEM Edgenta takes immense pride in its commitment to supporting the Government’s COVID-19 recovery endeavors. Leveraging our specialized expertise, we successfully brought to life the Ministry of Health’s innovative FHyICU concept – a mobile ICU unit equipped with its own self-sustaining power, oxygen, and water supply. This achievement underscores our company’s capability to transcend challenges and provide crucial solutions precisely when they are needed the most,” said Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta.

“The successful completion of the 150-bed FHyICU facility stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to meeting the nation’s healthcare needs, especially during the critical phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. This recognition will further spur us to continue delivering top-tier services and solutions that contribute to the well-being of our community and the advancement of the country’s healthcare infrastructure,” he added.

Present at the event, Shaiful Subhan, Managing Director of Edgenta Mediserve Sdn Bhd and Head of Healthcare Solutions, UEM Edgenta, further shared, “The recognition by the Malaysia Book of Records is a moment of immense pride for UEM Edgenta and its dedicated team. We are honoured 

to join the ranks of record-holders in the country. The Company looks forward to continuing its mission of delivering innovative solutions and contributing to the advancement of Malaysia’s healthcare landscape. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, even in the most challenging circumstances.”

The construction of the FHyICU, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing critical care capabilities, was undertaken simultaneously at multiple locations across Malaysia during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Totaling 14 different sites, this achievement underscores UEM Edgenta’s commitment to healthcare excellence and its dedication to supporting the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, particularly in times of crisis.


The FHyICU stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of UEM Edgenta and its esteemed partners, who worked tirelessly to complete the project within a demanding timeframe. This accomplishment not only reinforces the Company’s reputation as an industry leader but also highlights its unwavering commitment to serving the community and prioritising the well-being of the nation. Appointed by MOH, the UEM Edgenta, through EHSB, served as the main contractor for this ambitious project where it seamlessly collaborated with various partners, each playing a pivotal role in the successful completion of the FHyICU, namely Synar Setara Resources Sdn. Bhd., S&A Bintang Sdn. Bhd., and Perunding Al-Shura M&E Sdn. Bhd. 

Held at the Company’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, the certification was presented by Edwin Yeoh Tiong Chin, Senior Record Consultant, MBOR, to Shaiful Subhan. Also present to witness the historic moment were Yahaya Saad, Director, Engineering Services Division together with representatives from MOH and Ir Mazlan Yusoff, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Solutions, UEM Edgenta.

UEM Edgenta continues to embark on its remarkable journey of innovation, propelling growth while delivering technology and sustainability-enabled impact to all stakeholders. For more information log on to www.uemedgenta.com