EcoFlow Helps To Keep Power Running, Even On Darkest Days


    Kuala Lumpur, 1 September 2022 At a time where climate change is causing natural disasters; such as the Klang Valley floods earlier this year where thousands were affected with power outages, EcoFlow’s solar power generators emerged as a reliable and ideal solution.

    In December 2021, a three-day downpour wrecked disaster in eight states in the peninsula. The floods saw 54 deaths reported, two missing people and overall affecting 125,000 people in all. More than 70,000 people were displaced due to the floods and most households suffered power outages as a result of the disaster. 

    In many areas, families could not reach out due to power failure thus not being able to charge their phones, or were not able to cook a simple meal as they did not have access to power.

    To alleviate these concerns, EcoFlow – an eco-friendly energy solutions company – offers a reliable solution in its solar power generator that comes in two series – the Delta and the portable option River. Both are available in Malaysia and can be utilised for electricity outages and as a standby in times of disaster.

    Eco-friendly energy solutions company offers a reliable solution in its solar power generator

    Solar generators work alongside solar panels to collect energy that is stored in a solar battery until it is needed. The energy needs to be converted from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) through an inverter so it can run electrical devices.

    The popularity and use of solar powered generators are fast rising, especially in countries that experience winter power outages. There are many benefits to be gained as it outweighs the use of fossil-fuel generators which require fuel that can be expensive, produce emissions which may prove to be dangerous and cannot withstand rainy weather.

    On the other hand, solar power systems emit no odor and are clean energy thus making it a safe and convenient option, anywhere inside a home. It can also harness sustainable energy and save money for households, in the long run. The use of solar energy lowers carbon footprint and is a step forward in helping climate change.

    An appropriate combination of solar generators and panels will ensure most appliances operate as usual and locations with more sunlight – like Malaysia – will be best suited for this advantage. Installing EcoFlow will have your house appliances running in less than a second in case of a blackout. 

    Digital Spark – the agent for EcoFlow – says there are a few variations from the Delta series. They are the 

    >> EF ECOFLOW DELTA Power Station Portable 1260Wh/1800W (3300W Surge) 

    > Users can power 13 devices and appliances with the large power capacity.

    > It has 6AC ports and 7 USB-A and USB-C ports.

    > The X-Boost feature allows you to fully utilise the 3300W surge limit, powering devices well above 1800W. 

    >> EF ECOFLOW 160W Solar Panel Kit for Power Station Foldable Solar Charger

    > The kit is a portable, foldable and compact set that pairs up with your EcoFlow power station. It has a conversion efficiency of 21-22%.

    > It is a waterproof solar panel and weighs 7kg, suitable for camping or outdoor activities.

    >> EF ECOFLOW Delta Pro Power Station Portable 3600Wh/3600W (Surge 7200W) 

    > The Delta Pro can be expanded up to 25kWh and you can integrate it with home circuits through the Smart Home Panel (sold separately).

    > It can power heavy-duty appliances like dryers, air-conditioning and so much more.

    > With the Smart Home Panel, the unit can provide power to up to 10 home circuits thus making it best suited for power outages or just regular utilisation to save on electricity bills.

    In Singapore, a wider range of products by EcoFlow can be found. This includes the River Pro that offers 720Wh to 1440Wh expandable capacity and a surge of 1200W, and the River mini which is the lighter-weight power provider.

    In a curtain raiser, EcoFlow recently announced it will be attending the IFA 2022 in early September to unveil the Ecoflow Delta 2 – the latest family-focused portable power stations range.

    Ryan Xing, Regional Head of Europe at EcoFlow as saying: “The EcoFlow DELTA 2 is our next step in our journey to helping families and individuals everywhere untether themselves from the limitations of fixed power grids and transcend how they generate, store, and use power. EcoFlow will continue to keep pace with the European market’s growing demand for renewable energy by continuing to develop innovative and portable energy solutions.” 

                                                    Delta and River Series

    Both Delta and River series are available in Lazada Malaysia: