Colorverse X AFO Radio Collaboration In Decentraland


    Kuala Lumpur, 13 May 2022 – PrestoColor, which is building Colorverse Tower in Decentraland, today announced its collaboration with AFO Radio, Malaysia’s leading online Radio Station. This collaboration will enable PrestoColor and AFO Radio to leverage each other’s strengths and accelerate the development of their journey into the metaverse.

    Whilst many are eager to participate in the metaverse megatrend, there is still a lack of expertise and understanding in this fast-growing space.  This is where PrestoColor has made significant progress in building Colorverse, encompassing a social finance (“SocialFi”) community of content creators (“Creators”) and their audience (“Fans”) built on Web 3.0.  This paradigm shift will allow Creators and Fans to receive the recognition and monetary rewards that are commensurate with their skills and efforts. A key success factor for the Colorverse to grow and thrive will be establishing a strong marketing strategy for which AFO Radio will be one of the cornerstones.

    AFO Radio also announced the launch of its first NFT collection together with Colorverse. These exciting new NFTs known as the “Audience Pass” are more than PFPs, providing benefits and values to its holders. The Audience Pass will allow holders access to AFO’s meta station in Colorverse Tower located in Decentraland and exclusive entry to the upcoming AFO Radio Launching Party. NFT holders will also be rewarded for their participation and interaction to earn tokens in Colorverse.

    “We are tremendously excited with our strategic partnership with AFO Radio. As AFO Radio becomes a part of the Colorverse, we look forward to welcoming AFO Radio’s DJs and their audience to step into Web 3.0.  We are confident that this collaboration will provide an exciting meta venue for Creators to showcase their talents, capitalizing on the new opportunities available in Colorverse powered by Web 3.0” said Sharon Tse, Chief Executive Officer of PrestoColor.

    Mr. William Lim, Chief Executive Officer of AFO Radio, added: “We are proud to be strategic partners and collaborators with Colorverse.  Through this collaboration, we hope to provide the community with a platform and an opportunity to interact and gain exclusive access to all future AFO Radio events and merchandise. We are excited to see where this Metaverse journey with Colorverse leads and we hope that our loyal supporters will stick with us through it all!”