Anytime Fitness Asia Battles Mental Health Stigma With “New Year, Healthy Me” Campaign in 2022


    Malaysia, 6 January 2022-Anytime Fitness the fastest-growing gym franchise in the world announced the launch of their “New Year, Healthy Me” Campaign this January 2022 as a bid to eradicate negative stigma surrounding mental health in Malaysia.

    In light of the increasing psychological distress experienced by the nation during COVID-19, this campaign targets the Malaysian population who suffers from mental health, using fitness as the core solution to improved overall wellness.

    When asked about the inspiration behind the campaign’s objective, Anytime Fitness cited that they seek to boost people’s morale after the past challenging two years. “The pandemic has also affected our members greatly as they have lost full control of their lifestyle, coupled with the frustration of not being able to work on their immune system to weather the possible virus infections,” explained the Chief Operating Officer of Anytime Fitness Asia, Ryan Cheal.

    In fact, according to The Royal Malaysian Police force, there has been around 468 reported suicides in the first five months of 2021. “That is an average of three a day, nearly double the rate in 2020,” said Malaysian activist, Marina Mahathir. In her article, she claims that “the fatality rate [for COVID-19] may be far higher when suicides caused by the pandemic-related mental health crisis are counted”.

    Given the obstacles brought forth by the global pandemic, the “New Year, Healthy Me” campaign serves to refresh members’ headspace by providing the resources required to jumpstart their fitness journey through hosting webinars, talks, and a variety of exciting GX classes. The topics will focus significantly on fitness, wellness, and mindfulness.

    Their brand-new promo offers new joiners the following perks such as Complimentary Health Optimization Program (HOP) session, zero monthly fees until the end of January 2022, 50% OFF joining fee and two complimentary personal training sessions (50-Minutes per session) when the customer sign up from their preferred club online.

    This means that the sooner the customer sign up, the more the customer can benefit from the brand-new perks that the campaign has to offer.

    Anytime Fitness remains one of the largest fitness franchises globally, as it was ranked at #10 by Entrepreneur for the “Top Global Franchise” category in 2021. It is also the only fitness franchise with a club on all 7 continents.

    Anytime Fitness members also get to access all 5,000 Anytime Fitness clubs worldwide with only one key fob. Malaysians can take advantage of this new campaign and experience the various benefits that it offers such as highly trained personal trainers, well-equipped facilities with high-quality gym equipment (shipped from the US), variety of GX classes. The offers end on 31 January 2022.