Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Cohort #2 Demo Day


Osaka, 25 February 2020 – Demo Day, the closing event for the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program, offers the nine startups who joined the program the opportunity to showcase their work in Japan. Due to the pandemic, this year’s Scale Osaka program and Demo Day have moved online, and allows all the startups to share their insights and experiences from throughout the program and introduce their PoCs that they have been working on. 

After attracting over 550 unique applications to the program, nine startups were selected to work with the forward-thinking Japanese partner companies and have spent their time in the 12-week remote program, making headway with their market entry and building PoCs within the Japanese market. 

The Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Demo Day introduces these companies, their Japan strategy, and their pitches towards investors and potential future partners, ready to kickstart their next steps within the Japanese market. 

The nine startups featured in the Virtual Demo Day are:

Anagog: Reinventing real-world personal engagement based on patented Edge AI. turns environmentally friendly and healthy behavior into a digital currency against climate change.

CRUST: Based on the belief in a circular economy, CRUST Group is a food tech startup valorising food waste & loss into unique beverages and products for the food service and retail partners.

DjinnService: Djinn Service provides environmental hazards evaluation for Personal Health assistance is a patent-pending AI computer-vision powered fan engagement platform that delivers interactive and personalized content to viewers

Kiana Analytics, Inc.: Kiana strengthens physical safety and security, optimizes operations, and delivers Digital Contract Tracing solutions to understand visitor behavior at physical locations worldwide. 

Off-Blocks: A next-generation platform for digital signatures and contactless transactions on blockchain.

Questo: Questo is a platform for city exploration games. With us, people explore cities on their own by playing quests and solving challenges in order to discover new places and stories. 

WeSpire: WeSpire provides forward-thinking global companies with an employee experience technology platform to design, drive, and measure the impact of their purpose-driven employee engagement initiatives.

Joshua Flannery, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka, said: 

“This cycle of our program saw our key purposes realised; tangible business outcomes have justified some of our startups intentions to establish a new subsidiary in Japan, an increasing number of projects have delivered measurable social impact and Osaka and Japan has been elevated as a great place for foreign entrepreneurs to do business. The unique way our seven corporate partners have collaborated with each other and with us during the program has proved again the unique opportunity we have here in Osaka for mature startups serious about entering one of the world’s largest markets, Japan”.

Join the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Demo Day, held this Friday, by registering online: 

Event Name: Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka Demo Day
Date, Time: 26 February 2021, 17:00 – 20:00
Format: Free online event
Language: English, Japanese (Bilingual Event)