New Paths to Grow for Internet Companies Discovered at #GROWTH19


“200+ people gather for a day of talks, marketing technology & more at MoEngage’s #GROWTH19 Jakarta”

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 — Jakarta, Indonesia: Over 200 digital entrepreneurs, productowners, and growth marketers gathered to share ideas and learn from peers at the first-ever #GROWTH19 conference, Jakarta.The invite-only conference saw active participation by leaders from some of the most prominent digital brands such as Tokopedia, Traveloka, Bukalapak, Fave,, Viu, and more.

At the conference, MoEngage launched its Customer Engagement Analytics Platform. The
platform lets product owners and growth marketers track key user metrics, analyse data, and instantly target specific user segments with personalized campaigns – all at one place.

They also launched an on-site Messaging product that lets marketers craft consistent and
personalized messages on their websites. It eliminates the need for marketers to switch
between multiple tools and constantly follow up with other teams to measure and improve their campaigns.

“Marketers want the ability to identify specific user segments that are dropping off and instantly take action by sending a personalized communication to retain those users. Till now, marketers were forced to waste time moving back and forth between their marketing platform and analytics tools while the users continued to drop off,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO of MoEngage. “With MoEngage Analytics we want to empower marketers to rapidly iterate, improve and personalize their marketing campaigns,” he added.

To re-iterate the power of personalization, MoEngage also launched its On-Site Messaging
product that lets marketers deliver consistent and personalized messages to website visitors.“Most marketers just deliver the same message to all website visitors in the form of pop-ups. As a result, customers see different messages across email, app and web channels from the same brand. But today’s customers expect a consistently personal experience and brands that deliver a generic one-size fit all experience miss out,” said Nalin Goel, VP Products at MoEngage.

“With On-Site Messaging, marketers can deliver consistently personalized messages across
email, SMS, app, and website to their users,” he added.
Digital marketing has changed the way brands connect with their audience. With unprecedented access to data, instant and personalized communication have become the key drivers of growth. As South East Asia continues on its journey towards becoming a global technology hub, its digital growth leaders are recognizing the importance of harnessing technology to transform their marketing initiatives. MoEngage’s conference #GROWTH19 at Jakarta brought together digital growth marketers and product owners, enabling them to get to know one another, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Talking about the inspiration behind #GROWTH19, Raviteja Dodda, CEO, MoEngage, said”Having established a strong customer base across the globe over the last 5 years, we were looking at the next frontier of growth. That’s when we realized that South East Asia is well on its way to becoming a global technology hub, with over $13 billion having been invested in the tech industry in the last 4 years alone. We work with three of the four unicorns in this region, apart from several other high growth digital brands. This success has given us the confidence to invest and expand our presence in this region”

“As we started working with leading brands in the region, we were able to observe some
outstanding innovation by product owners and growth marketers. Given the sheer scale and transformational nature of these innovations, we thought that it’s a great idea to share these stories with other members of the community. Having seen fantastic outcomes with
#GROWTH19 in Delhi, we decided to bring the same immersive experience to Jakarta.” added Raviteja.