Environmental-Conscious GoApe Launches ECF Campaign on the Ata Plus Platform


Kuala Lumpur, 23 April 2020 – GoApe officially launches its Equity Crowdfunding (“ECF”) campaign today on the Ata Plus platform. Offering investors attractive dividend payouts after just three years, GoApe seeks to raise up to RM3 million in equity financing in return for a 13% stake of the company.

GoApe is a green and socially responsible online food delivery platform for the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. In hopes to reduce the emissions of pollutants from the delivery process, GoApe opts away from gasoline-powered motorbikes by providing the service through electric bikes instead. The decision to deploy electric bikes also reduces the company’s operational expenditure considerably, with a non-dependency on gasoline. The company is using data and technology to serve its customers in not only in a sustainable manner, but also as efficiently as any of its competitors. 

The company’s emphasis on technology has lead to the development of a platform that utilizes GPS tracking, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to further improve operations and reduce its carbon footprint. GoApe also aims to further contribute to the food chain ecosystem by eventually linking farmers to its merchants directly through its platform to help reduce the dependency by farmers on middlemen. With data analysis, GoApe is able to bridge the gap between the farmers’ markets and restaurants by extrapolating future predictions of food demand. 

Since its launch in 2018, GoApe has shown strong market traction having already secured and signed up 132 merchants and F&B outlets. The funds raised will be channeled towards improving the technology of their app, and the rest for working capital and marketing. 

GoApe CEO Shirley Tan is thrilled to see the possible impact of this environmentally-friendly food delivery app. “GoApe strives to not only provide our customers with a wide range of good food selections at reasonable prices, but to also do it in the most sustainable way possible and to eventually link them in an efficient and green manner to farmers directly thus improving the livelihood of the small growers,” said Shirley.

Shirley Tan, GoApe CEO

Ata Plus Director and Co-Founder Kyri Andreou is positive on the launch of this online delivery platform. “On top of food delivery in Malaysia being one of the fastest-growing sectors in the F&B business, demand for such services has been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kyri. “With the demand readily there, sustainability is what we all should strive for. ECF investors are really in a position to make a lasting impact with GoApe,” he added.

Kyri Andreou, Ata Plus Director and Co-Founder

For more information on the Company or the investment details, please visit https://ata-plus.com/deals/goape.