One Of Malaysia’s Oldest Alternative Pain Treatment Has Been Validated By Scientists

Yap Shu Shen brought the medicine to Malaya in the 1930s

Relivium Sciences at Monash University prove the effectiveness of old Chinese medicine formula

YAPCHANKOR Pain Treatment Centre, specialising in chronic joint and muscle pain treatment, announced today initial results from a scientific study showing clear anti-inflammatory effects in its proprietary Chinese medicine formula. Working with its research partners, Relivium Sciences Sdn. Bhd. and scientists at Monash University, studies on human cells show that a formula for healing problems like back and knee pain, frozen shoulders and osteoarthritis has strong anti-inflammation effects.

Speaking about the results of this study, Yap Chan Kor, the eponymous founder said, “I am so excited to have scientific proof finally of the work that my clinics have been doing for pain sufferers all these years. Although I know this medicine works because we have treated tens of thousands of pain sufferers successfully, we are still met with scepticism because this treatment is considered alternative. So, to have the scientists validate the efficacy of our formula is just wonderful. I believe this is the first time in world, that 21st century science is proving the effectiveness of this centuries-old Chinese medicine formula.”

“I hope that this news will reach both the medical community and chronic pain sufferers, so that they will know that there is a real alternative to pain treatment that is possibly more effective than conventional methods.”

These scientific results are only the beginning. The research team believes that because the formula contains many compounds and that the combination of the compounds can create synergies, there are potentially lot more health-promoting activities to be discovered. Based on the results at the YAPCHANKOR centres, where patients recover not just short term but long term, Yap believes that healing or regenerative properties should also be present.

Chief Executive Officer of YAPCHANKOR, Yap Yen Tse said, “These scientific results are also historically significant. Our formula was discovered by ancient physicians in China centuries ago and was brought to Malaysia (Malaya as it was known at that time) in the 1930s by our ancestor, Yap Shu Shen. After hundreds of years of usage and anecdotal testimonials, it is truly amazing to see proof of the efficacy and wisdom of this ancient discovery. More importantly, it is my hope that this is the first step in the process of integrating our treatment with modern pain treatment techniques, which is currently too focused on chemical or synthetic painkillers providing symptomatic relief only or on invasive surgery.”

Dr. Fan Jian Ping, Chief Executive Officer of Relivium Sciences, adds, “Our research team at Monash were quite amazed by the clear anti-inflammatory properties of the formula. We believe that this is only the start to unlocking the synergistic effects of these herbs and understanding more of its medical benefits. There is really a wealth of knowledge hidden in traditional Chinese medicine, and we look forward to sharing more of these discoveries with the public soon.”

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