Amid this MCO, many of us are stuck home without an avenue to travel due to the travel ban across Malaysia and Thailand. Some of us would be missing the experiences of travelling to Thailand and tasting their gastronomical varieties.

Fret not, because you can still try Thai food at home. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Kuala Lumpur has just launched a campaign entitled “CHEF AT HOME”  which features a series of cooking video clips to enable the foodies to experiment their favourite Thai recipes at home.

The theme Chef At Home with well-known Thai chefs in Malaysia & Thailand was kicked off to share simple recipes to the  public and inspire them to create the dish with accessible ingredients.

There will be six(6)  Thai dishes  to  be shared on the Facebook page of Tourism Thailand of Malaysia and the Youtube page of Siam Connection. The first two recipes that have been uploaded so far are :-

1)Larb Gai or Spicy Chicken Salad by Chef Korn.

2) Tom Yum Goong (hot, spicy and sour Thai soup with prawns) by Chef Kom

Food lovers can look forward to four more awesome recipes from TAT.