SWANZ “Ohayo Bento” porcelain promotes a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle


    Kuala Lumpur, 25 July 2022- SWANZ, a global market leader in porcelain ware innovates a toxic free, light weight Japanese style lunch box in a bid to promote a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle. The “Ohayo Bento” was created to reflect the current shift in the market for eco-friendly lunch boxes made out of toxic free material.  The innovative oval shaped lunch box is made of solid porcelain and encased in a non-toxic silicone sleeve. 

    “Having been in the industry for more than 10 years and a global market leader in porcelain ware, SWANZ has always strived to be better. We are very open to customer’s insights and always try to make better products that have a greater impact on people and the environment” said Olivia Cerelia, Product Designer at SWANZ.

    Olivia Cerelia, Product Designer at SWANZ.

    According to Olivia, there is a huge shift towards healthy eating especially since the pandemic. More people are cooking at home and bringing their own lunch boxes to the workplace or packing bento meals for their kids and spouses.  In the past, people used stainless steel, plastic lunch boxes or single use boxes. However, we see this changing as people are now more aware of toxic materials that are detrimental to health and the need to protect the environment, hence there is a switch to natural and eco-friendly boxes, she added.

    SWANZ “Ohayo Bento” is made of 100% solid porcelain, which doesn’t leave behind grease, stains or odours and does not contain harmful chemicals. It uses a special lightweight porcelain technology creating the lightest porcelain lunch box currently available in the market. The “Ohayo Bento” weighs only 480 grams while a 900ml capacity bento box made of glass weighs 850 gram. It has a unique oval-shaped design which is better to hold compared to a square bento box and a built-in double compartment to keep the food inside from getting mixed.

    The Bento is encased in silicone, which not only increases heat preservation but doubles up as an innovative design that helps prevent leakage when turned upside down. Silicone retains heat better compared to stainless steel. Taking a stainless steel lunch box as an example, after heating and standing at room temperature for 2 hours, the temperature of food inside can drop by 10 degrees. The silicone cap has a small plug to release heat pressure during reheating.  As long as the pressure hole is open, the entire lunch box can be placed in the microwave. The silicone-coated warm porcelain also protects the porcelain structure from damage. The Bento can be used in multiple appliances like the microwave, steamer, oven and fridge. The silicone lid makes storage easy, keeping unpleasant odours from the fridge away. 

    “Ohayo Bento” is available in 3 different sizes – 650ml single-compartment, 650ml double compartment and 900ml single-compartment. Each size is designed to meet the user’s individual needs, either to pack a full bento meal or separate the food as preferred.  It is available in four pleasing colours – black, lilac, mint, and beige. 

    There are four beautifully designed accessories to complement the Bento such as a porcelain soup cup to match the lunch box and a thermal insulation bag in Japanese inspired colours that converts into an eating mat which is easy to clean and pack. 

    The “Ohayo Bento” is available on www.swanz.my.