Fuller Academy targets to upskill 30,000 ASEAN talents,bridging the knowledge gap in sustainability


    Malaysia, 15 August 2022 –  Kuala Lumpur-based Fuller Academy is poised to enrol to 30,000 learners across ASEAN through its 12 sustainability short courses, designed and curated by the industry, for the industry, to enhance talents’ knowledge and skills in sustainability.

    Chief Executive Officer Wan Imran said all programmes certified by Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDCorp) are part of micro-credential short courses, which aim to provide knowledge solutions for talents, in line with the global demand for talent upskilling in sustainability.

    Wan Imran, Co Founder and CEO of Fuller Academy & Michelle, Co Founder and COO of Fuller Acdemy

    “Based on a recent analysis by Bloomberg, global ESG assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, representing more than a third of the $140.5 trillion in projected total assets under management. This is a strong driving force encouraging the industry to shift towards a more sustainable approach. Hence, now is a critical time for organisations to start enabling their talents with knowledge and purpose in the areas of sustainability. This is also aligned with our national agenda of creating 200,000 green jobs by 2030.he said during the launch of Fuller Academy.

    To date, more than 1,600 participants from various industries have signed up across various of our programs from within the country and abroad.

    “Our learners come from different industries and backgrounds, as we offer a range of courses targeting different skill sets from sustainability communications to the introduction of carbon emissions. We have been getting a lot of learners from ASEAN and other regions, with many learners hailing from Europe. The courses which were curated with our global instructors have set a new standard in sustainability learning, which is effective, practical and engaging.” he added.

    Breaking it down further, Imran said the courses are all designed and created by industry experts and practitioners thus providing insights into the practical industry knowledge.

    “We have made it accessible geographically and financially. Being an online platform, anyone from across the region and beyond can sign up as a learner. For Malaysia-based companies, they can benefit from the financial support HRDCorp can provide, and for outside of Malaysia, they can also take advantage of our entry-level pricing.”

    “The courses are designed to be short and bite-sized, with the flexibility for the learners to complete the course in their own time within the monthly cohorts. This on-demand format is ideal for busy professionals, allowing them to learn around their working schedule through a structured yet flexible course.”

    In conjunction with the launch, Fuller Academy also hosted a series of dialogue sessions on sustainability, attended by experts in the field such as Elina Jani from Malaysian Green Technology And Climate Change Corporation (MGTC), Wan Dazriq from Ethis Malaysia, Karina Cady from Nandina Partners, Yasmin Rasyid from EcoKnights, and Yasir Qureshi from Kantar Malaysia.