Supernewsroom Launches New Service – Forays into Press Release and Content Distribution

  • Supernewsroom, Asia’s first digital PR platform has recently launched its new content distribution service, in order to help businesses strengthen their brand presence and visibility
  • Its regional database of 25,000 media contacts helps businesses reach a wider audience not only in Malaysia but other ASEAN countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and more
  • Supernewsroom also increases online visibility for businesses via search engine optimization and social media boost, which means that each content will have mainstream, online and social coverage

PETALING JAYA, May 17, 2017 – Supernewsroom, Asia’s first digital public relations platform, has launched its latest service – content distribution service for businesses in various industries to strengthen their brand presence and visibility.

Supernewsroom which was launched in 2015 initially offered an integrated do-it-yourself (DIY) digital public relations platform. With the addition of this new service, Supernewsroom is vying to be a leading regional player in press releases and content distribution in Asia.

“The existing DIY service offered by Supernewsroom is being used by more than 100 clients to manage their entire PR campaign in one single hub. We believe that the timing is perfect for us to expand our services by offering the press release and content distribution service. Supernewsroom will definitely represent a major change in the business model for press release distribution. Our unique selling propositions are – 1.  Highly targeted regional database of more than 25,000 media contacts updated in real time, covering ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and more. 2.  Online visibility for each content via search engine optimization and social media boost. This means that each press release will have mainstream, online and social coverage,” said Supernewsroom Founder and CEO Manminder Kaur Dhillon

Founder and CEO of Supernewsroom, Manminder Kaur Dhillon

“We deliver coverage based on the needs of clients who not only want visibility in the mainstream media, but they also want their stories to be shared on Facebook and other online platforms plus being search engine optimized. That is why Supernewsroom is not a traditional press release distribution company. With this, we are confident that we are able to capture a slice of the content distribution market that is rapidly growing in Asia, estimated to be worth USD 400 million,” enthused Manminder.

Manminder believes that it takes more than having great products to generate maximum brand awareness in the market. Having great content is key in getting a story across to gain attention from the right audience.

“Everyone has a story to tell, but it’s always the well-crafted story with key highlights, engaging storyline, flow, narration and message that successfully stand out from the rest. We have the industry expertise, the technology and the backing of a huge distribution network of journalists, key influencers and news outlets in our database. It is our task to produce compelling and news-angled content, combining it with effective distribution (mainstream, online and social) plus highly effective monitoring methods to maximize the reach to achieve maximum coverage,” she said.

Manminder added that this was due to to the strength of the team, which consists of experienced editors and award-winning PR practitioners.

“We are proud to be supported by Intelectasia, an award-winning PR firm. They are exactly the kind of people who know what makes a story newsworthy to stand a much better chance of grabbing the attention of media outlets. This is definitely our competitive edge over other players in the market,” Manminder explained.

In addition to that, Supernewsroom will also be working very closely with its partner and content portal Newstream.Asia, where these stories are guaranteed to be featured and will be distributed via social and digital media platforms to ensure maximum publicity.

“Newstream.Asia is delighted to partner with Supernewsroom in providing this valuable service. It is a publicity-hungry market out there and a major obstacle for many organisations is not getting the publicity that they deserve. We will be the first to push these stories out,” explained NewstreamAsia Managing Editor, Puspavathy Ramaloo.

“This is where Newstream.Asia comes in – we help businesses get the third party validation from a credible news portal,” she added.

Managing Editor of Newstream.Asia, Puspavathy Ramaloo

Besides the distribution service, Supernewsroom also offers press release and content writing and video news releases production. For more information, please visit

P/S: Congratulations, Supernewsroom, from all of us at Newstream.Asia!