MAEKO Raising RM4 Million via Equity Crowdfunding To Combat Rising Food Waste Predicament with MUNCHBOT


Kuala Lumpur, 26 November 2020 – Malaysia’s multiple award-winning food waste innovation and management solutions pioneer – MAEKO, has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign (ECF) via Ata Plus, a registered and recognised ECF platform by the Securities Commission. It is raising up to a maximum of RM4,000,000 and participating investors are entitled to redeemable convertible preference shares with tiered cumulative dividends of up to 6% per annum and other rewards.

MAEKO is a food waste management technology specialist with a decade of experience and track record, backed by thorough research and development. Its cutting-edge composting patented technology has been applied in their comprehensive range of composters with clients from hospitals, municipalities, education institutions, hotels, factories, supermarkets and F&B outlets. MAEKO has also been recognized by various notable recognitions such as The United Nations, Frost & Sullivan and MIGHT.

With a mission to make food waste composting a closed-loop solution towards achieving zero food waste and environmental sustainability, MAEKO has developed the latest addition to its family of food waste composters specifically for use by homeowners and communities. MunchBOTTM is a compact, portable, odourless and speedy food waste composter that converts any type of food waste within 24 to 48 hours into reusable bio-organic compost. With MunchBOTTM, everyone now can play his or her part in promoting responsible food waste management, reducing environmental and economic impact in their communities.

Passionate and purposeful in her vision and mission, MAEKO’s CEO, Chelsea Chee said, “The introduction of MunchBOTTM is timely as people are now more aware and conscious of their consumption behavior and the implication and impact to the environment.” Chelsea went on to add, “We are now expanding our impact and mission through equity crowdfunding not only to raise capital to ramp up the business but also to leverage on our ECF campaign as one of the launchpads to introduce MunchBOTTM to the market.”

MAEKO’s CEO, Chelsea Chee

Kyri Andreou, Co-Founder and Director of Ata Plus said, “MAEKO offers early-stage investors promising opportunities as the brand envisions encouraging growth across the nation with its advanced patented technology that converts food waste into a usable asset for the country.” Funds raised will be largely used for production and marketing of MunchBOTTM.

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