PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad Introduces PETRONAS Primax 97 With Pro-Race


Kuala Lumpur, 21 December 2020 – PDB introduced its best fuel, the new PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race, engineered to meet the demands of present-day high technology engines giving them a more powerful, responsive and efficient performance.

The new PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race comprises unique features. It is formulated with the world’s first Advanced Dual Friction Modifier. This modifier is 25% more efficient in reducing friction than the previous fuel. It lowers carbon emission through enhancing the fuel and oil interaction whilst increasing fuel efficiency for further mileage. It enhances the fuel and oil interaction to increase fuel efficiency for further mileage, resulting in lower carbon emission. The new fuel also removes 99.9% of deposits from key areas in the engine, unlocking the car’s full potential to achieve effortless power.

Speaking about the new breakthrough, PDB Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Azrul Osman Rani said: “The new PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race is our best fuel, as the new formulation was designed to cater to advanced engine technologies and meet the high-performance driving needs of our customers today. Having translated our fluid technology from track to road, we are very excited to finally let our customers experience an effortless drive, achievable through the 3-in-1 benefit comprising power, responsiveness and efficiency.”

PDB Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Azrul Osman Rani

Leveraging on PETRONAS’ experience in the development of fluid technology that powered the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team to win its seventh consecutive FIA F1 World Constructors Championship in 2020, the new fuel has been engineered for unbeatable performance and the power to move beyond.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 world champion driver concurred: “The competitiveness on the racetrack, is intense. I need a fuel that gives me the power to move beyond – when I accelerate, when I take corners and when I need to get ahead of the pack. PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race is the fuel that gives your car the power as and when it needs most. I know what power means. You should too.”

The performance of the new fuel was testified by customers through a series of blind tests. Conducted in real driving and road conditions, the test results revealed that 2 out of 3 participants experienced better performance from PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race compared to other premium fuels that they currently use. Specifically, 69% concurred that the new fuel delivers more power and 66% agreed that it is more responsive. In terms of efficiency, 73% of participants confirmed that the new fuel recorded more kilometers per liter, whilst emitting less carbon.

Azrul added: “The results of the blind tests and feedback from the drivers are truly encouraging. As a leading energy and solutions partner, we continuously seek out avenues to refine and improve our offerings to remain as customers’ brand of choice. We are confident that the new PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race will surpass customers’ expectations and delight their driving experience.”

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