All-in-One Digital Platform that Empowers Collaboration and Enhances Productivity

  • Meet Weaver, an office automation service platform that supports employees with workflow planning, execution of tasks, and sharing of ideas.
  • It consists of three main products namely e-office, e-teams, and e-cology that are designed with different digital capabilities and functionalities to help small to large-sized enterprises. 
  • With improved transparency and digitalization of documentation and processes, Weaver is also helping companies contribute to better ESG reporting and targets. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17 May 2024 – Seamless, collaborative, and centralised. These adjectives would very well describe the latest office automation software to hit our shores – Weaver, a pioneering brand leader in China since its founding in 2001. By enabling seamless workflow, a collaborative system between departments and inter-organizations, a centralised document management approach, and mobility of logging in from one’s desktop browser or an iOS / Android phone, Weaver stands out as more than just an office automation platform. From supporting swift turnarounds with real-time collaboration and ensuring standardisation through automated workflows, to achieving cost-savings with lower overheads and improving compliance standards, Weaver has made huge waves in this realm of software systems thanks to its distinctive qualities. 

Now, as part of its expansion plans into the Asia Pacific market, SC Systems / Exadata is the first local support vendor offering comprehensive Weaver support to assist the many small-medium enterprises (SMEs) that form the major backbone of Malaysia’s economy, as well as larger companies in digitising their office automation journey. Consisting of three main products, they are the Weaver e-office, Weaver e-teams, and Weaver e-cology, each developed with their own special features and functionalities to offer different solutions to the enterprises.

With the e-office, businesses have a comprehensive digital workplace solution to streamline their administrative processes and enhance inter-collaboration between their different functional teams. From features like document management and task tracking to employee directory to project management, they are all accessible via a centralised platform. This way, the business is poised for automated office workflows that do away with traditional manual paperwork, hence minimising errors and increasing efficiency even among remote workers. What’s advantageous is that the e-office is suitable whether small or large-scale companies that are looking to simply modernise their administrative operations, improve internal communications, and optimise their workflow management.

The e-teams component, meanwhile, provides a centralised tool for teams to communicate, share files or documents, and collaborate on projects in real-time. By featuring customised workflows and project tracking functionality, employees are empowered to manage their project more effectively and ensure timely delivery. 

As for the final product, e-cology, it integrates SAP systems with other applications, existing software solutions, or third-party platforms including CRM and ERP, thereby facilitating seamless data exchange while streamlining business processes. This way, organisations can expect to achieve real-time data synchronisation, eliminate manual data entry, and enhance data accuracy. In a nutshell, it’s about streamlining operations to help generate business growth. 

Weaver Network (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was awarded a Certification of Appreciation in recognition of their significant contribution to the success of the YONO Finance & Technology seminar held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in November 2023.

A recent showcase of Weaver’s powerful office automation solutions was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in November 2023 in conjunction with the YONO Finance & Technology seminar. In the presence of over 500 participants comprising guests from the Sabah state government and agencies, Weaver was able to promote the digital capabilities of its all-encompassing solutions to transform businesses and amplify brand awareness to the authorities. 

Weaver Executive Director, Charles Kong said the company is positive about Weaver’s venture into the Malaysian market given the many favourable indicators for growth and development within its landscape. He cited that these positive indexes include a supportive regulatory environment, the encouraging uptake of technology by businesses, and being less saturated on the whole are contributing to the huge potential for growth. 

“As an office automation solutions provider, we view Malaysia’s prospect through the lens of the country’s digital transformation trends, business environment, technology adoption, industry-specific criteria, the competitiveness, collaboration capabilities, and compliance to data security and other standards. 

“Based on our own evaluation and understanding of Malaysia’s landscape and the positive factors at play, Weaver is pleased to make our foray and stay for the long-haul. In fact, we have planned a sustainable roadmap in which the end goal is to help more businesses to commit more responsibly to their ESG framework of (environmental, social, and governance) targets and initiatives,” said Kong. 

He defined the 4 main areas that all contribute to ESG being: Increased transparency for internal processes; Streamlined documentation and enterprise mobility; Project collaboration and staff accountability, Project management with corporate responsibility (ESG standards compliance), and the Facilitation of easy audits that help with bolstering transparency and fortifying documentation control. Stakeholders within the ESG context can thus swiftly access, update and share information among their affiliated entities, promoting sustainable practices with heightened efficiency. This meant that the outcomes that Weaver seek to drive – whether with enhancing internal accountability, ensuring clarity and effortless navigation, accelerating teamwork and ways of working, and managing records and data – are part and parcel of keeping ESG in-check and lending it credibility in the most efficient, sustainable, and trustworthy manner. 

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